Board: Page Builder Cloud Feature Roadmap


Allow developers to pull information about their account from via a REST API. this will allow you to make your own admin system and use the PBC back end to handle the heavy lifting

Developer Docs

Document the creation of a new integration within the plugin, open support for third party developers to add their own integrations. Server side will need some work for each but create a partner program and facilitate.

Edit/Override Layouts

Once a layout has been saved to the cloud, if a user wants to save the same layout a second time then give the option to update the cloud or add a second copy. Optionally ‘archive’ the old layout so a history of layouts can be seen via an admin system at a later date

Synced layouts

Sync a layout over several sites? If layout is imported and tagged as global then once a layout is edited in any way it pushes changes to each site it is known to be used on.