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Page Builder Cloud allows you to save virtually any Page Builder Layout to your own cloud storage with a simple click. You can then reuse that layout on any site you develop in the future or use it on the site you are currently building using our simple one click import system.

We are adding new builders all the time. Check out our builders page for the updated list

Not currently, its something we would love to do as well but all page builders use slightly different ways to do this. But, you can always save your fave bits and use them in a page and delete what you do not want right?

As long as the page builder you are using is set to networked and also the plugin itself, we see no reason why not. 

Please visit this page for instruction videos on each Page Builder Plugin.   

Yes, you may use this facility on any and all websites that you or your agency builds. The system is subject to fair use and if we find that you are sharing your API with users that are abusing our system we may connect with you to help us understand your needs better. 

YES! – As long as the plugin and system is being maintained – you get unlimited lifetime access. We see no reason for our systems not to be around for a long, LONG time!

Please go here to get support on your use of the plugin for various page builders and if no solution can be found in our support page – please fill in a support form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Yes we have a fully functional API key management system so you can generate a new key for each site you use it on or each client for instance. Each key has their own permissions so you can control what your customers can do. We expected that most people will want their customers to be able to download layouts but not upload, edit it delete them and this is very easily possible using the system.

Coming soon will be white labelling per API key whereby the plugin can automatically rebrand and limit itself based on the key you use. Exciting stuff eh!

No. It is simply a facility for you as a user to save your own layouts to the cloud. If you are a Divi user – we recommend where you can find layouts in addition to ‘My Cloud’ options. 

No. It’s not a sustainable model. On occasion we might offer this but we suggest the Annual account as the best value at any given time.

A question from the Elementor Facebook group (July 2019).

Our answer:

The idea/USP is that it’s centralised. It doesn’t matter which page builder you use because so many are supported so if you tend to use Divi for some sites and Elementor for others then keeping your layouts together is win.

Also as it stands very few page builders offer the functionality and when they do there will be a charge for it. It’s not an economic business model for any page builder to allow you to use space on their servers for your layouts without you setting up a subscription. As it stands Page Builder Cloud is less than $5 a month and is available right now.

Also many more exciting features coming very soon at no additional charge.

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