We’re always changing the system for the better. Find out what we’ve been up to here!

V1.1 – 5/6/19
– initial proof of concept

V1.2 – 16/6/19
– Viable version containing support for Divi, Elementor, Gutenberg and Beaver Builder

V1.3 – 18/6/19
– Additional builders added including Pootle, WP Bakery, Site Origin and Oxygen

V1.4 – 10/7/19
– Removed references to Divi
– Better support for Gutenberg for Versions lower than 5.0
– Added support for the Fusion Builder for Avada

V1.5 – 12/7/19
– Added cloud based snippet system!
– Snippet system compatible with white labelling (to turn it off if necessary)
– Restyled the admin pages a bit with PBC colours
– Added a new list view in the gallery layout with handy toggle button
– Fixed a minor bug with the Gutenberg integration

V1.6 – 14/7/19
– Added support for ACF
– Added support for Caldera Forms
– Added support for Gravity Forms
– Added a loading animation for better usability/feedback

V1.7 – 07/8/19
– Integrated BoldGrid builder
– Integrated Essential Grid
– Integrated The Grid
– Integrated Ninja Forms
– Fixed issue with WP Bakery integration
– Optimised code which was throwing a PHP notice

V1.8 – 14/8/19
– Integrated Brizy Builder
– Integrated Formidable Forms

V1.9 – 21/8/19
– Updated Gravity Forms integration for new Database structure in GF2.3+

V2.0 – 13/09/19
– Added support for network activated plugins using Multisite,
– Fixed issue with show/hide loading animation for Elementor

V2.1 – 12/11/19
– Fixed Elementor integration apply button
– Re-added Elementor in-builder Loading animations
– Added ability to save Elementor Layouts directly from the pages menu as well as the template library

V2.2 – 02/12/19
– Added debug file to allow the PBC team to find and fix issues more quickly
– Added alternative web service request code and refactored api.php to use either/or based on setting selection

V2.3 – 06/01/20
– Multiple key management from inside the plugin. Visit your PBC account at to turn it on.
– Restyled/Enhanced Layouts grid, Snippet system and Admin settings pages
– Added new “Wizard” on first run to help new users find their way around
– Added new “Gallery View” quick link in the header of various post types for faster access to your layouts (eg: Posts, next to add new button at the top).
– Using the new “Gallery View” pulldown it imports into the post type you are looking at so everything is supported!
– Added new Divi “Gallery View” quick link in the header of the Divi Library for faster access to your layouts
– Management of Categories (add/delete) from within the settings page
– Snippet Categories!! (and management within the settings page)
– White labelling for Snippet Categories. Want ‘per site’ or ‘per customer’ snippets. This will allow you to do that!
– Syntax highlighting for Snippets!
– Save Gutenberg content from Posts not just Pages
– Fixed issue whereby correct Layout Type was not added to layouts imported using Divi
– Added helpful messages to the AJAX spinner overlays so you know what’s actually going on whilst you wait 🙂
– Greatly improved the load speed for layout previews on the PBC website
– Added Elementor Specific styling for newer versions of the builder
– Fixed bug in Divi Visual Builder whereby premade layouts could not be imported when PBC was active. Now rectified

V2.3.1 – 06/01/20
– Fixed CSS issue with delete layout button
– API Key interface had minor bug – sorted
– “Not authorized” issue when viewing snippets – sorted
– Added check to update back end code for latest version to avoid problems
– Added a ‘delete key’ button to the settings page
– Fixed a redirect on the account pages

V2.3.2 – 07/01/20
– Fixed issue with the Elementor Library not showing due to a PHP error.
– Added cache buster code to remedy customers updating sites and seeing odd layouts due to old CSS/JS being used

V2.3.3 – 07/01/20
– Fixed AJAX Spinner showing in the footer of some admin pages.

V2.4 – 10/01/20
– Added Builder filter for when more than one builder type appears in the grid
– Added layout counts to category, snippet and builder filters for added usability
– Added filter reset button to Layout and Snippet grids to make it clearer when a view has been filtered
– Fixed issue with Gutenberg incorrectly picking up Beaver builder layouts on import.
– Fixed broken link in settings page banner
– Added extended support for PBC pulldowns on post types for Elementor, Beaver Builder & Oxygen
– Added ‘View All’ Button on PBC pulldowns to give users a chance to see all builder types rather than just the subset based on the page they are viewing
– Moved PBC Pulldown to next to screen options as it was conflicting with the left hand wording in different languages
– Fixed Intermittent Elementor Import issue
– Minor styling updates

V2.4.1 – 11/01/20
– All builders now import from post/page admin list pages rather than via their own libraries or selectively the page list itself
– CSS issue with first run page
– Renamed admin menu to PBC from P.Builder Cloud as we refer to the plugin as PBC shorthand. Added PHP Filer ‘pbc_admin_menu_shorthand’ for ease of change
– “Save to My Cloud” text changed to Upload to [cloud icon] for clarity and added a PHP Filter ‘pbc_upload_from_library_text’ for ease of change
– Beaver builder admin column for PBC standardised to include uploaded and downloaded date instead of just exported
– Elementor builder integration grid now 4 columns rather than 6 to look better in the popup

V2.5 – 27/01/20
– Added support for Swift Control Pro
– Added support for WS Forms
– Bulk upload of pages or posts to the cloud using bulk actions menu
– Minor CSS fixes

V2.6 – 15/02/20
– Added support for Fluent Forms
– Added ability to change name of layouts after upload
– Compressed script and style files. Added SCSS files
– Removed unnecessary script files in builders

V2.7 – 16/02/20
– Added ability to store text against each layout. Useful for CSS and any notes about the layout.

V2.8 – 26/02/20
– Sort layouts by default using new settings tab in settings page. Good for those who want to sort by name or date
– Fixed bug whereby layout names couldn’t be updated without first adding a layout note