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In the wild


Want to know how you might use Page Builder Cloud in your business?


Meet Sheila!

Sheila is a designer who makes a lot of websites and uses the same styles with similar pages over and over again.

She wants to centralize the work that she does for her clients so she doesn’t need to keep making new designs from scratch and can get things finished faster! 

Sheila also likes the idea of being able to offer her clients a portfolio they can interact with and see pages being built in real time.

On discovering Page Builder Cloud, Sheila starts to install the plugin on her existing websites and she saves her layouts to the cloud using the simple one click process. 

When Sheila builds her next website she then installs the Page Builder Cloud plugin and immediately starts to make pages based on those she has made before. The job gets finished faster, the client is happy and Sheila can spend more time with her favorite hobby.. looking at pictures of cats on the internet!


Meet John and his Agency

John’s agency employs several developers around the globe who like to work  on their local machines and on the web. They frequently like to share their work with each other for speed and efficiency but are fed up with the JSON export/import process that most builders employ.

The developers use a combination of Divi, Elementor and Beaver Builder. One guy uses several different builders, depending on the job!

On discovering Page Builder Cloud, John and his team install the plugin on their site builds, old and new and begin to save their layouts. 

There are a LOT so the team make categories to store their layouts to be able to see who they belong to and also what sort of site they belong on. 

The team are worried about having to look through lots of irrelevant layouts if they don’t use the *right* builder but they soon realize that the plugin is smarter than that… it *knows* which builders are active and only shows the compatible layouts. 

Before long their workflows are improved, sites are built faster and everyone is happy and the team decide to take the day off and go on a nice walk in the countryside.